• Dominic Burnett

The Classic Car Drive in Weekend - Bicester Heritage

I can't tell you how *good* it felt to be back at Bicester Heritage. I should add that being an ex RAF brat (as a child we lived in married quarters at both Benson & Abingdon) entering a base feels almost familiar, the uniformity and consistency to them all makes it in strange way comforting! The last opportunity to be at Bicester was back in January for their Scramble, and while this wasn't a Scramble event (which, at time of writing is still on schedule for the 4th October...) there was still plenty of classics to feast your eyes on. To make this different from a Scramble, there was an open air cinema, various car clubs littering the surrounding fields rather than being dotted around the main site, a Bonham auction in the main hangar and multiple demonstration runs throughout the day where various classes of car would take to the runway. The weather was pretty much perfect for the near end of September, no sunburn was involved and this time around I also brought my Mother along (although she may have got a little tired of me taking off to grab that one more shot come the end!).

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