• Dominic Burnett

Rennsport 2020, Stowe House

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Well, Ladies & Gentlemen. There we have it, it would be a fair assumption that this was the last event of the year! That one scraped in by the skin of its teeth. Set in the beautiful grounds of Stowe House (a first for me, both the house and gathering), Rennsport 2020 was originally scheduled for August but for obvious reasons was postponed. At least the weather gods *did* smile on us (no, really!) - despite the day before and the drive up being sopping wet, as soon as I approached the temperature check station on the way in, the sun made an appearance and rain stayed away until it was time to head home. Given the turbulent circumstances, Rennsport put on a great show with what they had to work with. I also got to catch up with and meet for the first time some fellow Instagram buddies which was nice. Please forgive the million or so shots of the 904 Carrera GTS at the end. It's a bit beautiful, there really should have been tickets like the deli counter in your favourite supermarket as there was a bit of a queue. To say it was popular is an understatement!

This will most likely be the last post for a little bit, so I hope you all stay safe, have a great Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you on the other side,



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