• Dominic Burnett

Queen Square Drive Out - 'Classic Motor Hub' & 'Caffeine & Machine'

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

To date, this is the best drive out I've had the pleasure of being involved with (which in truth isn't all that much of an accolade as it's my first, but I'm pretty confident it will still rank right up there despite whatever more is to come!). I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to tag along on the Queen Square drive out - the day was a three stage affair, first off was to meet up at The Hideout Lounge at Tortworth, where everyone could grab a coffee and make sure we were all singing from the same hymn sheet before departure. Second stop was at one of my favourite places and recent discoveries on my part, the Classic Motor Hub where a good few members of our group got to drool over the exquisite machinery on sale for the very first time. On departure from CMH we set about experiencing the wonders of the Fosse Way/A429 from Bibury to Ettington, enjoying every last inch of tarmac (I had to pedal really fast in my poor Citroen C2 to maintain pace with much faster machinery) before arriving at out final destination that is Caffeine & Machine, somewhere that up until now I'd fully intended to but had yet to visit! There we witnessed some rare metal that you wouldn't normally get the opportunity to view first hand, an Ultima GTR being a prime example! What a day!

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