• Dominic Burnett

Queen Square Breakfast Club Meet January 2020

I already had a pretty decent cold that refused to budge, but I couldn't refuse as I'd offered to stand in for my friend Steph AKA Lime Jelly Photography as she had unfortunately double booked. I arrived in the pitch black at 7:30am, minus coat as I had a decent temperature on board - and set about trying to capture as much as possible of the 200 cars in attendance at Lloyds Amphitheatre while dodging the relentless, and I mean relentless showers. At any minute I expected Noah with his menagerie to go floating by in the harbour. As you would expect for it being the first meet of the year, everyone did their best to attend, irrespective of the weather and people arrived throughout the morning. Who knew this was to be the last meet I'd attend for a while!

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