• Dominic Burnett

Nick & Karen - Ford Model T

When Karen offered that I could get some shots of their 1923 Model T, I jumped at the chance. As it transpired, they were only 5 minutes away from me - they run a wedding car hire company which of course, like the majority of the wedding industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. Nick was kind enough to take the time and show me around their Model T - and explain the intricacies of trying to drive one! Thankfully there wasn't a written or practical test as I would have failed miserably! I never knew they only have two forward gears, a hand operated throttle and also a hand operated timing advance/retard lever! Of course in true British Summer style we ended up having to dodge the rain which did cut it a bit short, but I'll be sure to meet up with them again when social distancing is a thing of the past and we can have proper car meets again (fingers crossed!). The rain did however give us a chance to chat about many of the historic car runs that Nick has participated in, one being the Sodbury Classic Car Run that's held by the Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury - check out the collection of assorted badges and trophies that adorn Nick's man cave (I mean garage of course!)

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