• Dominic Burnett

Classic Motor Hub, Bibury - Take 2

Saturday I got to re-visit the Classic Motor Hub, on my last visit I'd not met Ben who had given me the initial invite so was good to put a face to the name. In addition, thanks to some further relaxing of the Lockdown regulations, certain things were allowed to be opened such as a lounge area and and a small kitchen serving area supplying bacon butties etc. This was also officially CMH's first proper public open day since Lockdown began. Two other things though, The Motorbike Show that's presented by Henry Cole were filming an episode there, and I also got to finally meet Leon, along with his Mother of Autoautism fame! Leon has an expansive knowledge and appreciation of cars and through his autism, his passion and infectious personality he can call a long list of prominent and influential people in the automotive world his friends. Throughout the day, people came and went in/on an eclectic selection of cars and motorbikes - although I did spend an inordinate amount of time meeting new people who were eager to talk and speaking to a few familiar faces. I think everyone (myself included) was breathing a huge sigh of relief that things were one further step closer to normality resuming, whatever that is now. Thanks again to the Classic Motor Hub for allowing me to go along.

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