• Dominic Burnett

Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble January 2020

The anticipation of attending my (I’m ashamed to say) first Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble meet was killing me. I’d seen so many incredible shots from previous gatherings that I barely slept the night before. And boy, was I not disappointed! Despite the light being flatter than a flat thing and spending the first hour gawping in disbelief (I really didn't feel as though I'd taken enough photos) there's rather a lot to wade through! What an event! Every inch of the site had something to catch your eye, each corner you rounded presented you with an almost photo-shoot opportunity. If anything it was overwhelming! An added bonus was that I got to put a few faces to names of people I follow/converse with on Instagram. Really wish in retrospect I’d taken more as there was so much I missed but now having a decent idea of what to expect and what goes on, I’m primed for the next one, and the next, and the next….

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