• Dominic Burnett

Autumn Classic 2020 - Castle Combe

It was wet. Very, very wet. So much so in fact that the combination of face mask, glasses, rain and cold made in seemingly impossible to see where on earth I was going, let alone be able to try and get some half decent photos (I even managed to completely submerge my right in a foot in a water filled rain gully that I didn't spot, yay!). Earlier in the year when I was planning what events I would be attending, the weekend had held so much promise. I'd decided that Saturday (this year was Castle Combe's first two day event) was going to be the Autumn Classic, and then Sunday was to be the Scramble at Bicester Heritage. Of course the Scramble was eventually cancelled - with nigh on 6,000 tickets sold it was a no brainer, but... I'd been keeping in touch with a certain Maria Costello after she mentioned I should come say 'Hi' should I be at any events that she was, and as luck would have it, she was attending Sunday. After a bit of a chat, Maria had exceptionally kindly offered to get my name on list for paddock access! So, fast forward a few days the weekend came.... and so did the weather. The day before saw it start raining, and it never stopped! Come 7:30am Sunday morning, the drive to the circuit alone was pretty treacherous with a lot of standing water on the roads which didn't bode well for the days events. The call for drivers to start their engines was supposed to be at 8:30am, which instead, unsurprisingly became track inspections. After a few of those, come 11am the event was quite rightly called off on safety grounds which was hardly surprising and we were all sent home. Here's to next years!

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