• Dominic Burnett

Alex's MG Midget

Alex got in touch after seeing the shoot that John Moon kindly agreed to do back a few weeks ago - after a few failed attempts with the weather and conflicting work patterns, a date and location was finalised, a beautiful pub not far as it turns out from either of us. It also turns that it's only a stone's throw from the house my Grandmother was born in! It was all looking so good... and then thankfully (for the the patrons and owners at least!), The Bull was able to re-open the same weekend! So after a fair amount of improvisation and thanks to an extensive knowledge of the surrounding area (Alex is a keen cyclist in addition to spending a decent amount of time touring in his Midget) we did a mini tour of a few local spots for photo opportunities. As it turned out, it worked out rather well! Alex's enthusiasm for his MG is inspiring, it's great to see such appreciation in his generation so fingers crossed we still get to see such classics for many years to come. He freely admits it's no show princess and is not exactly concourse, but he has plans - all of which won't stop him clocking up around 4000 miles a year in it!

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